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You are gifted artistically on so many levels.

Dont waste your time with this foolish stuff dude. Use your art to inspire.


kind of funny at parts, but i dunno, i never played this game so i guess that makes a difference on how well i can understand this humor. I find that generally works in your flashes, you have to have some sort of history before you hear the joke, but when you get it you are like ABIRKWOEKIWNRWIOE hilarious. Good job though man.


haha just fantastic

Beyond violent, but man was this fuck funny haha!

10/10 man!

not bad

NOt bad i guess, amazing how positive the feedback is.


It seems that either people completely hate this show, or just love it. Personally im in between.

I think the jokes are hilarious, but the show seriously has no direction, has no purpose. I sensed that from the beginning, but still laughed my ass off throughout all of them.

Anyway, just try to take it somewhere dude.

Was great! Lots of problems though

Firstly, your animation techniques are fantastic however her ear

1. No sound effects. Mario is all about sound effects, and you cut it! Bad mistake
2. Soundtrack is completely wrong. You should have gotten one of the artists here on newgrounds to write you a soundtrack specific for this short.
3. Many times you did strange things to the things happening on screen, like maybe one of the characters was moving in one way, other things were not turning with it. Also lots of things on screen, sometimes had no idea what you were trying to do. Too quick. And one more thing, i think you skewed some of the graphics way too much, making it look really bizarre.

Anyway, great job, but if you worked a bit harder, this could have been one of the best flashes on newgrounds. I strongly advise you to perfect it while you still have a chance.

Great as usual!

Again your art just astonishes me man.

However, even though I generally like your camera jerkiness, I do not find this was necessary. It made me feel awkward, like the guy wasn't comfortable kissing the girl, or helping her in that strange way lol.

So just a thought, maybe not do it for these kind of scenes. I know you are trying to occupy your own style, but I find cameras are not something you want to mess with in that kind of way.

Nightwayfarer responds:

i try to use cameras only in scenes, where they are necessary, to add some dynamics
though i hope you do not get the "sea sickness" :P

PLEASE READ, Will help i hope

First of all, I greatly respect your work, probably more than you can believe.

But for some reason in this film of the series, I just couldn't immerse myself into the world of Brackenwood like I usually do.

A couple reasons i think why
-camera changed constantly, my eyes couldn't settle on one piece of beautiful art like it usually did. The constant fading in and out was terrible for me, I couldn't immerse myself. It felt like I was watching a video piled together in order to make a film, rather than an actual film.

How you should have done it : Made more breaks in between the narrators speech, like you did at the part of Bity's past. However maybe not as long, more use of this would have made it much greater.

However even though the scene of Bity's past was enjoyable compared to the other cluttered stuff, Bity looked terrible! He was so out of place graphically, and besides that it just looked bad. I couldn't stop looking at it, and it took me away from the film.

-Narrator was distracting from the art I was trying to look at. I think you should stick to the old, "Show" not "Tell" way. However it was nice to learn about his life, I kind of figured this out on my own though, a Narrator was not necessary. However if you choose to use a narrator next time, please make it through "Poetry", it would suite better.

So besides the fact I just really couldn't get into the film, I still find the story to be pretty good, but like all the films, its lacking.

Its lacking what you just explained in this one film, but it was a painful process.

I honor your work, and celebrate the fact that you are sharing this for everyone. It is a privilege to have such a great artist do this.

Anyway, hope this helped! :D


Fucking hilarious man, 10/10.

Original and great

The world was creative, the humor was at every corner, the art was stunning, the music was soul binding.

This was excellent, and you get 10/10 for this. It is rare to see such originality here on newgrounds.

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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