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Posted by btriangle - October 2nd, 2011

Oh jolly gee

Posted by btriangle - April 1st, 2011

Hello everyone! Please check out my first score to a short film

please like it here too! Thanks!

Heres a quick update on what i have been doing, i usually just write this as my own personal blog that others can read...so yeah, its not like some spectacular update or anything.

But anyway, this year has been crazy, i have not stopped doing things since october. I was working insanely at Chick-Fil-a for about 6 months and now thats cooled down, i spent two hard months in a musical Called Barnum, and now i have just finished a short film and am going on tour to sing in San Francisco.

My senior year has been crazily booked, and honestly it changed me. I finally discovered what my problems are and how to fix them. Basically i just have concentration issues. Whether it be from my ADHD or OCD i am not sure, but because of it, composing music has been extremely difficult for about a year and a half, up until two weeks ago, which i have now officially cured.

At first when i was having this difficulty i had no idea what it was that made it so hard for me to compose, because any time i went to school i would improvise over people playing music so naturally, and when i came home the process was extremely slow and painful.

But basically all i do now is play sound effects in the background when i compose, and spend a lot of time listening to sounds, not other peoples music. Sound to me is so extremely beautiful and random and full of life that it inspires me to create music in the exact same way. I like playing other peoples music, but they are not me, and i prefer creating musical art from my own experiences, not playing others on there experiences. Even the short film i finished recently i am very proud of, but parts of it have a hint of other artists in mind. For example, i would sometimes think of other artists such as Yann Tiersen or Michael Giachino or Stravinsky. Its not my style to compose like this. I compose better when looking at life.

I will not be going to college at Berklee, since i did not get in. I am going to be spending a year and a half off to continue developing my artistic style. Many say i should go to community college, but i have my whole life to enter that hell whole. I want to spend just one more year to create something truly great. That i can look at and marvel at its greatness and for everyone to see. And then i will decide where my life will take me...I know i shouldn't do it that way, but i just want to create! I want to discover the world and see life like i have never seen it before.

I also believe something bad is going to happen soon. I feel like we, as in everyone in America, are all driving in a really fast car and are getting away with breaking the law. But eventually we are going to crash, and everyone will be impacted. This is another reason why i dont want to go to college right now. Since the schools i want to get into wont accept me right now in my current condition, and i would only go to community college if i had the goal of getting a 4.0 when leaving.

It just didnt feel right. I just feel like this is the only chance i got to create something really great. I have always gotten really close, but the project had to close.

Anyway, i gotta get to doing my homework.

thanks for listening.


Posted by btriangle - September 8th, 2010

I went through much turmoil this year. After being spoiled with instant and easy inspiration from my piano, i expected it to sustain even after i lost my Piano. I strived painstakingly to "change" this keyboard so that it may "inspire me". Yet what i forgot was missing, was the inspiration within myself.

So that is why i finally decided to take a leap of faith. To let go of every negative mind set that is holding me back from being creative and inspired. I realized that selling my keyboard was one of those choices.

I sold it to some great people, and hope it will bring them as much joy as it did not for me. I must embark on a journey to discover my souls true inspirational calling. I know its in music, this is not a doubt. But i find that theres more to what i am limiting myself to.

Wish me luck on this journey right before my college auditions. I will begin to write weekly on here.


A leap of faith (Sold my Yamaha MO8)

Posted by btriangle - June 22nd, 2010

Well its finally done for all of you to see! However i will be extending this song to about 2-3min later, but for now you can hear what i have done.

If you like this song, you can download the MP3 here or get the score on
this site!

Also, please enjoy this video of our performance!

/* */
Here was my essay on this piece!

The Legend of Antonio Vivaldi
The Baroque era was a tremendously intricate time where all forms of artistic creation were transforming into a much more advanced, yet still structured, form of art. The city of Italy, Venice, was regarded for being the central point of this transformation, which held home to one of the worlds greatest composers of all time, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, or il Prete Rosso. Although Vivaldi is only known by most as the composer of the Four Seasons, he had actually spent his entire life as a composer and musician, and influenced dozens of composers that later transformed the style of Baroque music.
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born and baptized on March 4th, 1678 in the Republic of Venice, and later died of illness on July 28, 1741 in Vienna, composing over 500 concertos and 50 opera's. Ever since Antonio was a child, the Church and music had surrounded his entire life. His father, Giovanni Battista Vivaldi, was a professional violinist who would tour Venice playing the violin, and teaching Vivaldi the violin at a very young age. At the age of 15, Vivaldi began to take lessons on priesthood and composition, as well as continuing to learn the violin. When he reached 25, he was ordained as a priest, but decided to compose extensively for thirty years at an orphanage called the Pio Ospedale Della Pieta (Devout Hospital of Mercy) in Venice, which many nicknamed him il Prete Rosso, "The Red Priest", because of his red hair. After a slight struggle in maintaining his position at the orphanage, he eventually was promoted to Maestro di' concerti in 1716, in which he had to compose a concerto at every feast and teach the orphans how to play various instruments and music theory. For several years he continued to compose concertos, cantatas and many opera's for the orphanage and many other renown people, where many were impressed by his technical violin ability such as a German architect, Johann Uffenbach, who said that "Vivaldi played a solo accompaniment excellently, and at the conclusion he added a free fantasy [an improvised cadenza] which absolutely astounded me, for it is hardly possible that anyone has ever played, or ever will play, in such a fashion." His compositional technique's inspired many composers, most namely Bach who had written many pieces in the style of Vivaldi. In 1725, after returning from composing for the prince of Mantua, Vivaldi returned to Venice, where he composed the Four Seasons, which was inspired by the city of Venice itself. In 1728, Vivaldi had reached the height of his career, and received commissions from many European nobility, most specifically from Emperor Charles VI, who adored Vivaldi's music and desired for him to compose for him. Charles VI knighted Vivaldi, and granted him a gold medal and an invitation to Vienna, but the king died only a couple days after Vivaldi's arrival. Having no source of income or royal protection, Antonio died as a pauper, and was buried in a simple grave at the Hospital Burial Ground in Vienna on July 28, 1741. His music had also died with him, but had revived once more in the 20th century.
Vivaldi's compositional style and techniques were very unique outside the standard Baroque, and was the leading transition into Classical music. Vivaldi followed all of the rules of the Baroque style very well, but used many of the techniques so well that he almost took them as his own. The use of Tremolo and Trill were very common in many of Vivaldi's compositions,which were frequently played throughout the solo and tutti passages. Vivaldi had actually made the Trill, and augmented 2nd, possible through his music, which many composers followed after. He also used much syncopation in his music, which was out of the standard Baroque style. He would handle sixth and seventh degrees of the minor scale very well, and even made an octave a possible melodic line, which was seldom exploited. His most excellent use of his techniques would be the transitions from a major key to a minor key, which would usually go unnoticed and have a huge impact on the direction of his compositions. However the technique that Vivaldi used primarily the most and which was one of the leading factors into the classical era, was ritornello form.
Ritornello form was largely different than many of the compositions heard from Bach or Scarlatti commonly, in which the solo would interrupt vocal passages throughout the entire song. This is why Vivaldi was a very difficult composer for me, since i heard such a tremendous amount of expression in the Ritornello form (even sometimes feeling a bit romantic) which i related to deeply in my own compositions, but tried to avoid based on my own comprehension of expression, which is in a completely different style than that of Baroque. So I decided to focus my attention on Bach's compositional techniques that Vivaldi would have adopted first, such as fugue's, Basso Continuo, etc, basically trying to think and feel as structured as i possibly could. I then took that knowledge of tremendous structure, and then broke it apart to work with ritornello form, instead of Jamal Corrie form (which can be heard a little bit, but i try to avoid). In my composition, il Prete Rosso, i hope that it is clear that I am following this form. From measures 1-17 i deliberately cut off the Violin 2 and Viola, and than entered them together at measure 21. From measure 27 to the rest of the song, it jumps from tutti to solo quickly and slightly unnoticed, which i felt many times in Vivaldi's compositions, and can remember looking at the score and shocked at many of the tutti sections i didn't even notice.
Feeling as if i know much more about Vivaldi's style than i did when i first started composing, i can say that i wish i had made a lengthier song to fully give Vivaldi justice for all of his techniques, and to have an even more advanced knowledge of Bach's style so that i could easily combine it with Vivaldi. I also find that my main tutti section has too much going on, rather than focusing on simple harmonic passages and the entire Basso Continuo is slightly weak in the tutti. None the less, I feel proud with what i have composed, astonished at what Vivaldi composed, and i am striving to continue to learn Vivaldi's compositional style until i can call myself "Il Sacerdote Marrone" (the Brown Priest).'

Thanks again guys,


Posted by btriangle - May 18th, 2010

Ok guys I have such great news! Please read for all that even care to read about this.

Over the past 5 months, as some of you may know, I had great conflict with my music. I came to a point where i was so upset by it, that i didnt even want to look at the piano. For some reason it gave me such stress, such insecurity, and feelings of hopelessness.

But i assure you all, that every single one of those feelings are gone! They're wiped out! After much though I have finally rearranged my concept of music, of life, of myself, as if I had reborn myself in a new and refreshing way.

So the new me is following a concept of always being productive in not only creating music, but listening to music, researching new styles of music, performing music, improvising to music, singing, directing, art, dancing, photography, every and any form of expression that i am interested in.

When i was about 13 years old, people noticed that i had a talent for music, and praised me insanely. I did not like the praise, since it altered my conception of music, and myself. I came to a point where i felt people loved my music so much (which was not so many, and the music is not even that great) that i was unwilling to create any other style, out of the fear of losing my own style. Its similar to how one would feel that if you learn anymore in school, that you would forget the stuff in the past. Yet who ever said you could not continue to learn the old stuff right!?! It had hit me only a couple of days ago, and i am refreshed.

I am beginning to see how my mind is opening up to old and new ideas, and to apply that to my own style of expression, or just to relive theirs.

So! What next then huh? A lot! I have already planned my life ahead 10 years from now. I have big goals, and i am already reaching them. You will see me more on this site, posting up music of mine. I hope to continue to be part of this wonderful community, and wish to learn as much as i can for as long as i live.

Talk to you all soon,


IM BACK! Great things are happening!

Posted by btriangle - January 31st, 2010

I think I pushed myself a little too hard into trying to be a film composer, and not realizing that im still incredibly inexperienced, and only 17.

I realize now that I want to take it as a hobby, and not as a career. I want to learn many things without feeling like I have a deadline, or has to be done in a certain way, since thats the only way to be a film composer. Why i put these meaningless difficulties on myself, is beyond me. I want to go about this at ease, and learn everything I wish for the next 8 years or so. Theres so many thing I want to do, I cant believe i was actually pushing that to the side and only focusing on one aspect.

One does not become a great film composer at such a young age, no matter who you are. Its that years of experience that makes us who we turn into.

Anyway, enough of that. I appreciate all who added me/my songs to their favorite's. In the near future, i will post songs on my website, not newgrounds.

In all truth, I dont know where my life will lead me, so i find specifying exactly how my life should turn out is illogical. The true thing i should be worrying about is if i'm happy with my life, and constantly striving to improve humanity.

Thanks again,


Posted by btriangle - December 26th, 2009

It was a very hard decision, but it was a choice that had to be made. All of us have future project plans, and we dont want to spend our life on one game (we have already).

We are currently looking for an FX animator, if you have the skill, PM me.

I have many Projects I have planned during and after this Game.

1. Compose and orchestrate a song for my school orchestra, and spend hours working with them to make sure they get everything right.
2. Produce my third CD (will take months to complete)
3. Make a Band for fun!
4. Take part in another event for a short film (for newgrounds, will be announced later).

All of these are huge projects, and I'd really dislike to neglect them all for one game, so im willing to take my chance and do it this way.

Honestly I sigh in relief as im writing this, because of the amount of work put into this game, im glad I can get some more help from this.

Anyway, updates will be less than before, but I assure you everything will explode at the last second haha.


Posted by btriangle - November 27th, 2009

It has been pretty hard these past 7 months when working on my game Three Pirates, and school which is no exception. I never really had a nice short break.

I got an email from Blizzard to play wow for 7 day, and damn im glad too. Its perfect, not too much time back where i get addicted again, I didnt have to spend any money, and i get to hang out with my friends again which is what I have been looking for.

So yeah, im excited about that. And dont worry everyone, I have been putting a lot of work into Three Pirates, It should be released in February or March of next year GUARANTEED. This game has really turned out to be outstanding, we are just constantly trying to make it the greatest thing possible.

Heres a picture for you guys too look at, its more of the characters.

YES!  Finally I get a worthy break!

Posted by btriangle - October 5th, 2009

I just want to start off by saying that I made it to california, and its great. I live in Irvine, about 5 miles away from Blizzards building! So yeah pretty awesome. I heard one of the lead game designers in Blizzard lives in my neighborhood :D

But anyway, the main reason I bothered to make another news post, is to say that Im done making release dates for Three PIrates. All I can say is expect it to come out this october, but see the problem really isnt me.

Me and my artist have already finish 95% of the job, the programmer has done about 40%. So its all based on him, and schools kicking his ass, so its the best we can do for now.

Im not going to stress anything over this game, since all we really need is time. Besides, I doubt anyone has been really eager to play this game other than my team lol.

Thanks for listening, all...you know, i dont think anyone reads my posts.. Ah well.


Jamal Corrie (Btriangle)

Posted by btriangle - September 9th, 2009

Well, my bags are packed, and im moving to California on the 19th of september, officially. Everyone so far has been very supportive of my family leaving, and therefore I am happy to take the next step.

I wanted to talk a little bit more about the power of 3 game which is still in development, which my team is scheduling to launch by October 7th. We are still waiting for approval from Tom Fulp, but he has not answered any of my messages yet.

This game has been very time consuming, mainly because, i have done almost everything a person can do into creating a game. I have spent less time composing the music, and more time animating, directing, writing the story, voice acting, and all sorts of big boss stuff.

However, this game could have not been a more rewarding experience. All of this hard work paid off, and i hope every single one of you will enjoy this game. I will be releasing the full soundtrack to the game on this site very soon, and will be updating my website very soon as well.

Anyway, gotta get back to animating :(


Jamal Corrie

-Three Pirates- Power of 3 update