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Removed a lot of songs

Posted by btriangle - January 31st, 2010

I think I pushed myself a little too hard into trying to be a film composer, and not realizing that im still incredibly inexperienced, and only 17.

I realize now that I want to take it as a hobby, and not as a career. I want to learn many things without feeling like I have a deadline, or has to be done in a certain way, since thats the only way to be a film composer. Why i put these meaningless difficulties on myself, is beyond me. I want to go about this at ease, and learn everything I wish for the next 8 years or so. Theres so many thing I want to do, I cant believe i was actually pushing that to the side and only focusing on one aspect.

One does not become a great film composer at such a young age, no matter who you are. Its that years of experience that makes us who we turn into.

Anyway, enough of that. I appreciate all who added me/my songs to their favorite's. In the near future, i will post songs on my website, not newgrounds.

In all truth, I dont know where my life will lead me, so i find specifying exactly how my life should turn out is illogical. The true thing i should be worrying about is if i'm happy with my life, and constantly striving to improve humanity.

Thanks again,


Comments (2)

I understand that you felt like you were trying too hard to be a film composer and i'm glad for you that you're setting your mind open for other things again, but.. did you really have to delete most of your songs?
Why didn't you just leave them on and start over again on another site if you don't want to submit to Newgrounds anymore?
I wanted to hear Paladin's Ride again, but that's removed too. Fortunatly i still have the review i wrote on my pc.
Ah well, it's your music and you can do with it whatever you want. I'm just a little dissapointed, that's all.

Yeah and I'm sorry about that. I am just very protective of my music, i never felt comfortable about having it here on newgrounds.

I promise you that you will hear Paladins Ride again in its full form, along with 13 or more songs equally as good. I will probably put them on my website in the near future.

Why give up on the dream? Though I've considered this so many times I've finally committed to it. There is always time to be what you want to do in life and there will always be people there to help and teach you the ways.

Its not that im giving up on music, im giving up on the materialistic part of the dream.