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You are gifted artistically on so many levels.

Dont waste your time with this foolish stuff dude. Use your art to inspire.


kind of funny at parts, but i dunno, i never played this game so i guess that makes a difference on how well i can understand this humor. I find that generally works in your flashes, you have to have some sort of history before you hear the joke, but when you get it you are like ABIRKWOEKIWNRWIOE hilarious. Good job though man.


haha just fantastic

Beyond violent, but man was this fuck funny haha!

10/10 man!

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THis should be an ipad/iphone app!!!!!!!!


just truly amazing, fun and enjoyable game. I appreciate you are sticking to the Grimms story rather then the cheesy american way.

I only have one complaint, and that is the art. The art is unique in the sense that it feels really "childs book" styled. But i seriously dis like the laziness in the art. I see lots of smudges in the art, and thats fine, but you have to realize its not so pleasant.

All i ask is for part 3, have a purpose in being messy in the art. Dont just make a mistake and say "oh its ok, its the art style." trust me, it looks more like a mistake than actual art.

Also, i did not like the way the witch house looked at the end of the game. It was completely brown, when it should have multiple colors. Dont forget its made to attract kids! I would have forgiven you for all of those mistakes if you made the correct choice in making the house extremely colorful. Sure it might look out of place, but that was the point, even in the original story.

Besides my complaints, still an interesting an enjoyable experience to go through.

8/10 (-2 because of art)


Probably the greatest and most epic game here on newgrounds. There is still a couple things that i would like to see changed in this game, such as making the beginning more difficult, and the various problems i slammed in your blog. But all in all this game was just wonderful.When i finished the game i felt a fire burning within me wanting more of Larry.

I am really starting to love this character and i am begging for more episodes to keep the story going.

Cant wait until we see Larry a few years from now in full Plate armor :D

Keep the epicness coming!!

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Was great! I am really pleased with this games soundtrack.

However, i felt the soundtrack for Larry and the Gnomes should have received a more bombastic and fun approach. Your scores matched well with all the parts of the game, but i still wanted to feel more bouncy, since the game seemed to play more of your epic music constantly through the game. It needed to hear much more of 0:00 and 0:53.

So i really suggest keeping it fun, bouncy, epic, and bombastic all at the same time, and you will sustain a really great soundtrack for this game! :D

Btw 1:23 is your most original and creative score so far. Make it great on the CD!


DavidOrr responds:

Hey Jamal, great to see a review from you :). For the most part, I agree with what you've said. I think Larry and the Gnomes could have been bouncier in places and worked very well, but I'm happy with these results. I tried to create a sense of progression through the levels from light + fluffy to hard-hitting and bombastic. The game's difficulty increases each stage, as do the aggression of the gnomes and the ferocity of their weapons. I feel like the turning point in the game is at the start of the second boss, and I tried to communicate that through the soundtrack. Up until that point the gnomes don't present much of a challenge, but it becomes clear they shouldn't be messed with once you enter the forest!

So far the music on the CD has turned out really well. I've still got a lot to do, but I've done a lot of mastering to the tracks to give them a more polished sound compared to what's heard here.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and for your support!

Great! but...

Fun and great, but you need to add more to this. Firstly, enhance the solo so it is playing throughout the song. It really made an impression on the song as a whole.

Also, add more orchestral instruments, i would suggest Cello and Contrabass the most in the song, give Contrabass pizzicato (which is plucked). Cello would be more legato on this. Also even add some sax's in this, will sound really hot.

And there you go. I suggest at least giving it a shot.

I like it!

Is very nice combination between the piano and flute, reminds me of the game Medievil, which was always enjoyable to me.

keep working on it :D

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great art but...

I think your art is great, but its extremely unnecessary to see the other pictures surrounding your art. We all know who Bitey is, we dont need to look at the art. Also, you generally show terrible art next to it, as if your art is so much more spectacular, which is kinda....egotistical.

penis chest

looks like theres a penis on her chest.

Aawesome sauced

I swear, everytime you create a piece of art, I suddenly create an entire story line based off of it in like seconds lol.

However i think the the fact that you guys changed the background to this odd blue is a bad idea, turn it back please.

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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