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THis should be an ipad/iphone app!!!!!!!!


just truly amazing, fun and enjoyable game. I appreciate you are sticking to the Grimms story rather then the cheesy american way.

I only have one complaint, and that is the art. The art is unique in the sense that it feels really "childs book" styled. But i seriously dis like the laziness in the art. I see lots of smudges in the art, and thats fine, but you have to realize its not so pleasant.

All i ask is for part 3, have a purpose in being messy in the art. Dont just make a mistake and say "oh its ok, its the art style." trust me, it looks more like a mistake than actual art.

Also, i did not like the way the witch house looked at the end of the game. It was completely brown, when it should have multiple colors. Dont forget its made to attract kids! I would have forgiven you for all of those mistakes if you made the correct choice in making the house extremely colorful. Sure it might look out of place, but that was the point, even in the original story.

Besides my complaints, still an interesting an enjoyable experience to go through.

8/10 (-2 because of art)


Probably the greatest and most epic game here on newgrounds. There is still a couple things that i would like to see changed in this game, such as making the beginning more difficult, and the various problems i slammed in your blog. But all in all this game was just wonderful.When i finished the game i felt a fire burning within me wanting more of Larry.

I am really starting to love this character and i am begging for more episodes to keep the story going.

Cant wait until we see Larry a few years from now in full Plate armor :D

Keep the epicness coming!!

Great Game, But needs better explanation!!!

The swain has many great game ideas no doubt, but fails to present them in a way that people understand.

It took me a half hour to fully understand how to use my character properly, even after reading the tutorial persistently.

I strongly suggest that you guys first of all, add an auditory explanation of how to play the game in the tutorial, and further explain how to play the game by providing "TIPS".

Heres the major one that i can really only point out.
1. When you run up to a wall while holding Shift or A, get as close as you can, and than jump, to reach to the maximum height of that wall.

It took me 30min to figure out that i can get higher just by doing that!!!

Fix your shit guys!

Great game though, fucking loved it :D

The good, the bad and the ugly.

I agree with Mindchamber on this.

The game had tremendous potential, but the programmer simply copy/pasted his code from his original game "Ninja Brawl", without even making the slightest adjustments.

But besides that, I really enjoyed the incredible attention to detail from the artist in this game.

Harry, I really like how you captured the feel of the game, good job.

Going to kick ass

Really great guys, cant wait to play this game (im busy at the moment). I know its going to be great, so im going to just 10 it, and 5 this right now.


You deserve to sell this game. Its time you made some money from your talents. People here just are mad, because they only reason they play games here on newgrounds, is because they dont like paying for games XD

awesome game but...

great game, but terrible music.

I had to turn off the music because it was so bad. It was repetitive, boring, and very annoying, and just didnt fit the feel of the game at all.

Im sorry guys, but you guys need to hire a real composer.

The game, like i said before, was great. It was entertaining, and had a pretty good story line. Great graphics as well.


Hehehe, i came out of this game with a splendid 15minutes game time, and 248 deaths.

Lets see you pros beat that!


I loved the music to this game, and sometimes when im working i will turn on the jukebox, and switch the song every now and than.

Good job Adam, im sure you worked pretty hard on this one. Congrats on 4th place!

Now work on Three Pirates!!!!! :D

Jk....seriously though...

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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