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WOW! great game

WOW! this was a great game! but may i add some suggestions?Since this game is so good, and got such a great rating, i suggest maybe u should allow the gamer to have a cheat after beating the game. the cheat could be to look like karanashu or something, or have a certain weapon looking thing. maybe u can even give your character a fire ball spell. well its just a suggestion, if u take it im sure it will make the game more fun and ill give u yet another 5!!]



this game is excellent, dont forget the fact theirs porn in here to make it 5x more the fun! 10/10


all the controls, game play, and similarities to Black and white 2 are extremely similar. good game though.

me like a dis shit

you can cheat in this game.....all you have to do is press play over and over, so u win the cheat medal.


i like it!

my Browser is Mozzila firefox, i had no glitches

very good indeed!

this is a great game, but i have some suggestions. also, after u beat the whole game and try to enter the world again it just opens up a white screen with making you loose all your lifes.

ok. i thought of ideas for the interactive gameplay you may want to put in the game to make it better. so here it is( all of these ideas are for the character to find the abilitys)

1.make him get a new ability where he double jumps.

2. make him able to attack, you'll be copying off of sonic to much.

3. make the charcter able to long jump, that can be pretty useful.

and thats it.so if you like my advice, take it!


this is the greatest gadget game i have ever played on newgrounds, you are deffinatley going to make front page.and if not , toms been smokin.

Aprime responds:

Hahahaha, btw it not him who discides it the ppl who vote, if its a good mark like 4 or more, then it goes on the front page, mines only 3, but ty, any way add me on msn the_pizza_dude_@hotmail.com


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Anonymous-Idiot responds:

Congratulations, You ACED the tutorial!

i loved it

THis was by far the greatest game i have never played


was that supposed to scare me, im sorry nothing really scares me! Except violence!

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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