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To start off with i was blown away by the incredible song by bond (Kismet). The song itself has created a mood unlike anything i have ever heard. To top that off you have created an atmosphere that brings out so much passion, love, and rage.

The animation was the greatest i have ever seen in my entire life. The backrounds were great but could use more work. If you and adam phillips worked together you would make the greatest flashes on the entire internet.

I SINCERELY encourage you to make more flashes such as this one.
amazingly well done.


9/11 is no laughing matter. No matter what, even if you are joking.


Fantastic jazza.

But you say for the movie its 90 minutes, when all of these flashes together are only around 30 minutes. Is there like more animation or something? i dont understand.

Jazza responds:

all of the paladin episodes together are actually around 40 minutes, and the rest on the DVD is special features. theres a list on the DVD page which shows what features there are. hop i answered your question.


dude you havent done any flash in ages! i am so glad to see you are atleast doing something...even if its with......penguins.....and with wierd foreign languages...........


unbelieveable. you have OFFICIALY outnumbered every newgrounds flash on newgrounds. You are officialy the best Animater on newgrounds!

i loved it, and i was so excited i litteraly jumped out of my chair and screame 'teeheheee" one of those chittery happy excited laughs :P

i was looking forward to this, and i will deffinatly buy the dvd.


Stunning graphics

Fantastic movie, incredibly animated, but one problem that really annoys me. The voice for the ball is outrageously annoying i can't stand listening to him. Everytime he talks i lower my speakers. Please change his voice, i know u worked hard on this not to give yourself this annoying voice.

great job other wise 10/10

crazy good.

Although the Visual part of this animation of this flash was utterly stunning, most of it did not make much sense to me. I know its a music video but seriously it's just a bunch of fancy shit. I like it dont get me wrong, but i would rather see it make more sense than this one, it just seems like a bunch of scrambled video.

other than that you are an incredible artist

needs work

ther are alot of problems here.

1. its just a loop over and over again

2. the animation was 2/10 it was'nt all that great

3. the graphics need alot of attention, work on that

4. the audio was good, but you didnt make it.

5. There are problems when hes crying his arm gets out of place

6. There was no story line

7. the humor is not even funny

If you work on those things your next video will be much better.

Skinhead-Ninja responds:

Europe actually stole 'Final Countdown' from ME

loved it

Great Job Wonchop, i love all your flashes man you rock :)

good job on this one

Wonchop responds:


demon does it again

6:30s, not bad i liked it. I havent seen you do anything in a long time Hotdiggitydemon, except for that one stupid bologna thing. Very creative, there was something about this one i could totatly adapt in his character.


Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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