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not that good

I did not find this amusing in anyway, either it be the usual stunning graphics, or action paced animation and humor.

I forgive u since its your first, but w/e i just didnt like it

wow! original as hell!

Great! Very Creative and original! All i can complain is that the lighting was kinda dull, making it a bit boring. other wise great job!

damn lol

lmao. That was friggen great. i'm still laughing


OMG! WAITING FOREVER FOR THIS! Great flash. I loved the new style, its truly incredible. I kinda liked how the main character was better looking though, he kinda looks like Jack from 24 now.

Anyways gl, cant wait until VK3.

i didnt haha

I agree with Rave. Cussing isnt funny, its immature and stupid.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

I thought it was pretty fuckin' funny. :P

hilarious imo

For some reason. I loved that LOL! it was just really funny how the duck beat the shit out of that big thing, and was out running it.


I know you were trying to be funny with the whole masturbation thing, but in the near future i suggest you dont do that. To Perverse just makes people disgusted and want to hit the X button, than laugh there ass off. Theirs better way to be funny than that. Good job other wise.

RSQViper responds:

Well, I actually don't use those types of jokes much, but in this video they were used. In fact, only one of my other Flashes even have sexual humor at all and that's "Dumbledore is Gay."

Thanks for the review.


Don't get me wrong, i love Bitey of Brackenwood series, but most of the Brackenwood movies you made recently were just pointless chasing and teasing other creatures. I wish their would be more to the plot than where there is right now. You made several great storys, and i would like to see you do better. the animation/graphics is still unbelievable.


Wow.... you really created something better than Paladin Jazza. This Video had so much feeling, so much love, so much pain. At the end i was thinking to myself "this was a pretty good flash" but when he saw the kid playing guitar and handed him money, it gave me chills. That part REALLY blew me away, and as a composer myself i can relate to the main character. Great job man.

not bad

Good story, i would like to see more. But i do hope you realise that you are not fooling anyone by taking the names "Albion and Thamesis", from Fable and FF12. Come up with your own names.

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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