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was a good flash, but please i beg of you, remove that damn song. it was the most annoying song i have ever heard, and its terrible too. Liked the flash other wise, even though it made no sense.

not bad, needs work

Very similar to the beggining story of Kingdom Hearts 2 with Roxas. But you may not have known this, so i give u credit. There are alot of errors in the story such as saying "you(dont remember exactly) from someone i know." you dont really say that, its kinda...iky.

also work on the Graphics man, i see alot of problems.

pretty good

violence tone down please

please tone down on the violence man, violence is not funny to me. You shouldnt have to use violence to be funny, or even cussing. some of the things u put in there were pretty funny but thats not when it wasnt violent.

Wow impressive

I looked in you're reviews and i had not seen a single 0 on this video. do not be surprised though when someone does, because there will always be one person who says something negative.

anyways i thought this movie was fantastic, the story was well written, it was funny, the animation could do a bit more work on though thats all i have to say. so great job man keep up the good work.

haha not bad

it was quite good, had a very very intersting story and it was pretty funny. keep it up, but dont get any more violent than you did, you are at the right level of violence, any higher is redicuolous.


omg that was hillarious. i was laughing so much, that was great, luvs it luvs u too. i luvs everyones, i luv this movied d double g, ok? lol that was hillarious

rebaz responds:

omg that was hillarious. i was laughing so much, that was great, luvs it luvs u too. i luvs everyones, i luv this movied d double g, ok? lol that was hillarious


it wasnt that bad, the others were a bit outrageous though.

ugh, i think im gonna be sick

this, this has just gotten to far. This is outrageous, how could you even think of this shit? this is horrible, do u realise every movie u have made has something to do with porn? fucking make something better than this, your a talented animater and you are wasting your time making these disgusting, pointless cartoons. Nobody jacks off to this crap anyways, and people who do are fucked up.

please, for one time in your life not make something haveing to do with sex please!

Just because u are a great animater, does not mean i dont have the right to give u a 0. your lucky im nice and im not giving u a zero, and no newgrounds dont bitch at me saying " omg your to sensitive about your own sexualitiy" this is just outrageous.

NotSafeForWork responds:

Actually, I do make family-safe animations as well. But out of concern and sensitivity to today's youth, I keep my NSFW cartoons separate from my other cartoons. It would not do to have my younger fans accidentally stumbling onto these more adult movies.

Rest assured, I have made a LOT more "clean" animations than dirty, but I keep those two sides of my art largely separate, for censorship reasons. I'm not a complete pervert. ;)


pretty much the first thing i would do if i was in this situation, would probably end up with me in the bathroom checking myself out >.<

LilDwarf responds:

Who wouldn't ;P


many many many MANY scenes were very very very impressive. you are a great director/animetor. i am very impressed by your work 10/10

UberAoC responds:

A great director and animator... I don't know what to say! Thank you very much!

I hope that I can start producing more work very soon! Thanks for the excellent review!

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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