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oh heck no

oh heck no, heck no man! wow, that was excellent, a real original


YES! haha i get to review one of the first for this! i thought it was awesome man 10/10!

good luck on other flashes


good, it was good.

but that arabic accient was HORRIBLE! fucking terrible, get rid of that guy or girl.


my god, this guy is all over the internet! i mean really how can u get so angry over a stupid cloak in Dark age of camelot that someone ninja'd! I would'nt even be that angry if someone stole my $1,800 keyboard.

This guy NEEDS to get a fucking life.

gj btw


GREAT! i love WOW! i play it all the time!

anyway u stole that voice from the girl gnome from that show with the grim reeper on cartoon net work. i still liked it though.


i dont know what u brits in englind do, but i dont know what the fuck cherry pie means!

it wasnt that funny, if u made it probably like a little less violent people will focus on more on the humor more than the violence. violence ussually doesn't bug me that much but in this case it did

cool movie

wtf is the last guy talking about???

GOD DANG THIS MOVIE ROCKS! added to favorites

UNBEILIEVABLE! This movie was outrageously good! your character drawings wer 7/10! but your backround animation was the thing that really amazed me. you seemed to have created the most realistic looking backround i have ever seen in any flash, making this world seem real. you are one of the very few "backround" gifted drawers on newgrounds and the world. You are even better than the bitey of bracken wood guy! 10/10 no doubt about it!

not as i expected to be

Honestly, i was'nt very impressed with this short. first of all bitey friggen all over the place, i mean like everywhere! he's also been distorted in some parts making it wierd to watch. Alot of the camera angles were good, but thus leaving the visuals out, making it not as interesting. your original stories were better, just because you made great shorts on newgrounds before and are a popular artist doesnt mean im going to bullshit you!


Dude, its impossible to get shot and nothing to happen. thats just plain gay, i mean seriously thats just fucking gay. oh yeah a knife would hurt much more!(sarcasim)

FleckoGold responds:

Well, btriangle, that's what I like to call a cartoon. Being two dimensional is also impossible. The benefit of a cartoon is that one doesn't have to rely on the rules and limitations of reality. The knife was a last ditch effort. Duh, if a gun isn't going to do anything a knife wouldn't either. That's what makes it funny. In other words.....shut up you whinny little bitch.
P.S. Kids shuldn't curse

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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