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think before you create!

you are just jelous that these people have no talent and they are succeeding, when you have alot of talent and you arent! well thats how life is man, you are going to have to except it.

i liked the song by the way, the only reason you get a 8 is because you made this movie oput of jelousy.

Dustball responds:

Heh heh, wel you're right. It pisses me off to see talentless people rising to the top. So that's why I did something about it, can you blame me?


another class project aye, well...its not bad man but it should be longer, and dont forget " Benito pride is-hard to hide! see u on campis"

me no like

sry, but i hate dragon ball Z, its so lame!

i mean com'on, these phrases for them to fight is so fucking lame. for example"i must fight you because youa re hurting innocent people so lets fight" he does that every time he fights someone. Im not a fan, but i do know what im talking about...

but them movie overall was good.


the animation looked like this was going to be shit in the begginging and than you blew me away with this great animation.

this is to everyone....

have you ever realized when you hear a song from another country it sounds like its just noise and not really a language.=D OH WELL!

is this on DvD btw

not so bad

it was good for your first try, but for some of the people on this website they may blam it.

the running in the beggining was to slow, fix that and make it faster.
keep on trying man


Times like these only make are country and oursleves 100* more strong in are hearts. The world changed from this one moment....

great but a couple of problems!

IT was fantastic! but there where errors...

you should have made better backrounds, and color if you have done so u would have gotten my 5( or 10)! do this and u get my 5 everyday....for now i only give u a 4 ( or 8) and only today.


Remearkable! you are one FUcking genuis! completley tenacious in your movies, and your style is unbelievable. you are newgrounds best artist, and i would like to make a movie with you some day. i am a director, son of a famous script writer ( name shall be unspoken, for that is what he wants). i am a very good driector, and if you want to make greater movies, i reccomend joining me. I will email you!


I am religious myself, and its quite funny to watch you make a mistake on who muslims are, and there religion!

First of all, muslims did not bomb the Twin towers but they do bomb alot of shit, thats for shure.

Muhhamad is like jesus, so when you insult muhhamad you insult jesus. But you are right to insult them to be fair in the trade thing.

you must also know there are many difference's in the races.

there are

jaroosalem and stuff like that
oh and Afghanistan

there are much a difference. the isrealian's are, are friends.

by the way 10/10

ok, alot of things to talk about!

ok first off you really need to fix many things with this crap. And dont complain to me that im being to harsh but im telling the truth.

1. Your story sucks! i mean com'on, sonic is just running out of no-where, all it does is start the skit with him running. And the conversations were terrible, too short. I mean the conversations where like " why you do this!" " because i said so" i mean wtf.

2. The animation was not Horrible, but it was ok. You need to work harder on that

3. The graphics in the Skit where horrible! there was no shades! no color! and no shines! i mean wtf man! how do you expect to make a movie that has no great graphics.

4. The sound was not good at all, the voices were so redicoulous. Work harder!!

5. humor was very good! i thought it was very funny

So! as you can see, there are alot of things to work on! do it again and than you get my 5!

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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