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Great as usual!

Again your art just astonishes me man.

However, even though I generally like your camera jerkiness, I do not find this was necessary. It made me feel awkward, like the guy wasn't comfortable kissing the girl, or helping her in that strange way lol.

So just a thought, maybe not do it for these kind of scenes. I know you are trying to occupy your own style, but I find cameras are not something you want to mess with in that kind of way.

Nightwayfarer responds:

i try to use cameras only in scenes, where they are necessary, to add some dynamics
though i hope you do not get the "sea sickness" :P

Good, but needs work

I think the one thing that killed this movie, is that its kinda hard to understand whats going on at first. All i was getting out of it was loud noise and a strange encounter.

I understand now that its about a guy and his robots trying to destroy this guys base. If you gave some sort of explanation of this in the beginning, the story would be better.

Great animation, music, and fighting over all. Good job, just could have done even better.

UltraSheriff responds:

hey and thanks for dropping a line! I was very conflicted as to the problem youve pointed out, if I should provide some explanation for the events or not. I decided on making it like this because I wanted to achieve the feeling that you are just getting a glimpse into a larger universe, similiar to the feeling i got when watching starwars for the first time. but yea, i do agree that the buildup and character introductions are lacking, and I will probably improve on that the next time around:)



Lalo responds:


i didnt haha

I agree with Rave. Cussing isnt funny, its immature and stupid.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

I thought it was pretty fuckin' funny. :P


I know you were trying to be funny with the whole masturbation thing, but in the near future i suggest you dont do that. To Perverse just makes people disgusted and want to hit the X button, than laugh there ass off. Theirs better way to be funny than that. Good job other wise.

RSQViper responds:

Well, I actually don't use those types of jokes much, but in this video they were used. In fact, only one of my other Flashes even have sexual humor at all and that's "Dumbledore is Gay."

Thanks for the review.


Fantastic jazza.

But you say for the movie its 90 minutes, when all of these flashes together are only around 30 minutes. Is there like more animation or something? i dont understand.

Jazza responds:

all of the paladin episodes together are actually around 40 minutes, and the rest on the DVD is special features. theres a list on the DVD page which shows what features there are. hop i answered your question.

needs work

ther are alot of problems here.

1. its just a loop over and over again

2. the animation was 2/10 it was'nt all that great

3. the graphics need alot of attention, work on that

4. the audio was good, but you didnt make it.

5. There are problems when hes crying his arm gets out of place

6. There was no story line

7. the humor is not even funny

If you work on those things your next video will be much better.

Skinhead-Ninja responds:

Europe actually stole 'Final Countdown' from ME

loved it

Great Job Wonchop, i love all your flashes man you rock :)

good job on this one

Wonchop responds:


liked it alot

lol very original, very cool, very funny. I love the part where the dad jumps up and the wife is like "omg". lol great movie man keep them coming.

Foreverland responds:

Thank you very much!!!

not bad wonchop

I liked how did it, pretty smooth in animation, good job Wonchop. You are still one of newgrounds best animators (but granfaloon, adam phillips, Matthew seely, and the swain are better no offense, they just are better animators and drawers.)

good job on this one 8/10

Wonchop responds:

Heh, well I'm in no rush to try and compete with those guys.

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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