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this is genius

good point, i liked it. it makes me wonder how you finished this movie if you like to take brakes because flash is real hard expessially for something like this. great job and keep up the good work

i didnt like it

you are very talented, but you are a sick minded person. i do not like your movie, it was disgusting, thats why i gave it overall 0 even though everything got 10. my opinion i would give a zero, but artistic opinion a 10.
for that reason i gave it a 4 because im not a jerk and i am fair for the sick minded people who do like this. violence is not good


i dont get it?

i see potential

very good. what i ee in you is great potential, and amazing directing skills. if you were to fail in animating(which you probablly wont) you could easly become a director which is your incredible talent. the fighting is great also, but work at your graphics. like im better in grapphics than animating. keep up the good work :)

not that great

im sorry but i really didnt like the music video.
1. i hate that song
2.you only animated like 7 things and kept on showing it

so next time animate something thats not the same thing over, i mean you didnt even lip synch it.

great stuff

are you going to make a whole movie of this, if you are then HOLEY SHIT!!!

ha ha

thats a good joke

make more, please dont stop

OMG ITS FINALLY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR EVER FOR 3 AND NOW ITS OUT. DUDE YOU ROCK 10/10. oh and people who havent seen 1 and 2 please go see them now becuase you want understand it

real funny

i think mario stole luigis babby blanket

great man

good job scuba! and dont listen to the people, they obviously dont see this is part of a series!! yah and who ever thought this was blammed is a fucking moron. a duh duh, look at me im a ugly ass dork who thinks this great movies sucks. fuck yuo all who think this sucks

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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