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holy shit!

that was probably the most creative thing i have EVER seen on newgrounds. 10/10

<3 X110000

OMG I LOVED THAT FLASH!!! yoy rock you get my 5, favorite on flash and artist.


it was hillarious but you really need to fix the animation, its all over the place


Very nice, but please translate

liked it alot

lol very original, very cool, very funny. I love the part where the dad jumps up and the wife is like "omg". lol great movie man keep them coming.

Foreverland responds:

Thank you very much!!!


So many things in this movie made me go HOLY SHIZ WIZZ!!! now that i am an animator myself i understand the complicated and difficultys when it comes to graphics and animation. The graphics Blew my mind, although you could work a bit on the guys jaws (looked kinda funny :D) . And let alone did you even include tiny details and didnt go cheap and make one same copy 10 times, you made like 20 different kind of houses. You are an excellent Animator my friend i hope to see more from you.

please re do it

I hate to say this, but the truth is with out being really mean, was not so great. Im not trying to be a jerk, but honestly fix up this flash please, it does look as if it has potentail though, and that you could draw if you really tried. Imo i feel as if this does not even belong to the zelda madness collection, the Zelda madness collection is known for having "good" flashes. Please re do it with real animation, coloring etc.

Btw it was kinda funny, only thing keeping this thing from a 0

good first

very good for your first flash, i am working on my first flash as well (im about as good as you, you may be a bit better if you wish) and i'd have to say the graphics were very good. Try to do more Frame by frame, thats the real hard stuff.

good job 8

not bad wonchop

I liked how did it, pretty smooth in animation, good job Wonchop. You are still one of newgrounds best animators (but granfaloon, adam phillips, Matthew seely, and the swain are better no offense, they just are better animators and drawers.)

good job on this one 8/10

Wonchop responds:

Heh, well I'm in no rush to try and compete with those guys.

Great job man

That was awesome man, i wish people would make more movies like these on newgrounds (very rare these days)

The graphics were stunning, makes me want to start animating again. The Animation was one of the best i have ever seen on newgrounds, you are going to be very popular on newgrounds if you keep this up. The voices were just down right funnt and the story line.

10/10 for your hard work and amazing movie

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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