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Cant wait to see it

Hes making it into a full movie.

So wait.

Love it

Lol i have watched this too many times not to comment.

Great job, all i would suggest is slow down on the insane camera work. Its very intelligent and clever, but at the same time, it isnt, if you are doing it so much.

Great job 10/10

Not bad

I thought the animation was great as usual, but it was kind of pointless really. Its basically some guy who meets a transformer, and thats it. Most of your movies have a pretty dull story line, but at least they have humor to back them up, unlike this one. It seemed like this was more of an experiment video than anything.

Good job though, for the incredible animation.


Damn im lovin the art man. Every time i see a new video come out from you, the graphics get better and better.

10/10 for being awesome as hell lol. Keep it up

Good, but needs work

I think the one thing that killed this movie, is that its kinda hard to understand whats going on at first. All i was getting out of it was loud noise and a strange encounter.

I understand now that its about a guy and his robots trying to destroy this guys base. If you gave some sort of explanation of this in the beginning, the story would be better.

Great animation, music, and fighting over all. Good job, just could have done even better.

UltraSheriff responds:

hey and thanks for dropping a line! I was very conflicted as to the problem youve pointed out, if I should provide some explanation for the events or not. I decided on making it like this because I wanted to achieve the feeling that you are just getting a glimpse into a larger universe, similiar to the feeling i got when watching starwars for the first time. but yea, i do agree that the buildup and character introductions are lacking, and I will probably improve on that the next time around:)

nice job

Lol i enjoyed that.


WOW! This is a great flash. The story line and character animation were good, but nothing compared to the backgrounds. Visually stunning!

Keep working at it, you could be a great flash artist! And if you need a composer for anything let me know. My music on newgrounds are tests, if you want to see some of the stuff i am doing at the moment i can send you some.

Great job!

very good

Despite what everyone is saying i actually believe this has the potential to being a great flash. The animation was great, besides the stupid rainbow shit in the backround, but if you weren't so lazy on that part, this would be 100x better.

I believe you have the potential of becoming a great flash artist. Keep working at it, this flash must have taken you a while.



Lalo responds:


very entertaining

Look out Tom, we got another newgrounds Celebrity coming :D

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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