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Outstanding, i love your improvision of this song. You will be a great improviser imo. 10/10

impresed i was

you're very good with loops and beats, which newgrounds is mostly about here because the better people dont put there music on here. But that percussing instrument(i forget the name) that led the song was really annoying honestly, i hate to say it but u got a pretty good song if u remove that percussin. so keep at it, and good luck.

tobycreed responds:

Could the instrument your reffering to be the steel drum? hmm, i suppose it got a little repetetive but that is quite honestly my favorite part of the song so it stays.
I appreciate the input though, thank you.


you're extremely Gifted.

needs much work

ok, there are alot of things wrong with this piece that you need to know, but listen to what i ahve to say first. first off, you keep on repeating the same thing over again, and the song becomes irratating and you dont want to listen to it anymore. Another problem is you stopped right between the piece for about 5sec and than continued. with those being said heres what i ahve to say about the piece thats great.

the song had some really unbelieveable parts in it, so i can understand where your getting at. some parts i was like WOAH!!! and others i was like COME ON ALREADY I WANT TO HEAR THE LAST AMAZING BEAT!!! If i were you i would go back, re write this song and re record it. But this song hsa some great potential in it.

Ben-the-Jew responds:

Yes, I see what you're saying. I wasn't really sure how to break up alot of its repetivness (maybe I went a little too crazy with my four measure rule) but diversity revisions will be something I'll think about. With regards to the pause, it actually happened twice, it happens to me alot when I'm playing but when I was recording I got so far into the song and then at the tail end to have it ruined by that pause would've been frustrating. So I tried to implement it, it sounded alright when I did a test listen but, you're right, that needs to get fixed in the next version.

Reviews like yours are a great help and pleasing to find in the morning. I wish more people reviewed like you. Thanks again for the comments!

holy fuck!

wow, when i heard this it blew me away. I have recorded about 8 songs already but when i heard this, damn, it blew me away.

I might only be 13, but still this is inspiring.


mother fuck! You need to say screw newgrounds and start in the real world dude, your too good for newgrounds.

MaestroSegments responds:

Really, I make music for a hobby, I doubt i'd take it anywhere serious, but for the most part, I want to keep making music for everybody to enjoy for free.

I am glad you enjoyed the track ^^. Your support means a good deal to me. Thanks again for the review.

talented? YES!!

aye, thats what i call music. This is some serious talent in u, this song, i gaurantee will be very popular.

Great job man, you deffinatly have talent

MaestroSegments responds:

Well I don't now if it will be popular, but i'm glad you found it enjoyable.

Thats what I do here ^^.

Thanks for the review.

err ok??


WyteNoiz responds:

Well thanks for the response i guess mayne.

not bad

you should bring that begging sound every once in a while. the reason why is beacause it increases the tention.


we both have musical talent, and me and u should do some do a collab or something. girl, you really are just gifted.

but the best songs are never at the top....

Momo-the-Monkey responds:

yea, that's the part that sucks. And, we can both make the music for that game we are making, i wouldn't mind pitching in more...

And just between the 2 of us....i'm a guy, not a girl. I just switched it because of one of -TheDoctor- 's thread. He said switch your gender, so i did.

lol @ me not a girl.

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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