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Very hawt man lol, keep making the beats.

DJLoneWolf responds:

thanks for the review man, check out the rest of my work if you get the chance.



Lol despite your score and reviews, i actually liked this. Oh well, 5/5


Ok, i listened to your entire song, and i liked it :D
The singing is incredible, keep doing that man!
However, like all songs, if you have singing, you have to find a way to get the instruments to work in harmony with the vocals, not against it. I think the instruments are just against it a little bit. So i suggest going back real quick, and lowering the instruments down by a bit or something.

Also the panning at 1:45 or so, was kinda bizarre lol.

Anyway, keep doing the singing, I love it! And I know you just wanted to upload, but hey! Its uploaded, so fix it up now :D

EchozAurora responds:

It is a Remix. =P

Not my singing lol. (The description is there for a reason ya know =P)

However, I did have to tweak the stuff a good bit. But yeah.. I may have rushed it a tad.


Great timing, didnt hear a single misplaced note. I like the song, its not bad. How much effort did you spend on this song?

Anyway keep working on it man.

RacmusDK responds:

I think around 40 hours of work :)

Thank you for your review :D

- Racmus

very pro

Wow check this out, this is quite pro sounding man. Nice job, might wanna quiet down a bit on the the slamming and stuff.

Good job, i could imagine this as a chase scene.

DylanGlow responds:

Thanks bud. ^_^ I appreciate the input, I'm glad you liked it! I actually thought of quieting down the slamming a bit to keep it better mastered but I prefered the really heavy *wham* it left when I kept it full velocity. I'm sure that if I was using this for a film, realistically, I could've kept it quieter and tweaked it in an EQ for the parts I really wanted an *UMPH* to. ^_^ I'm not sure what it sounds like through too much yet, unfortunately. I've only listened to it with 5.1 Surround speakers. Of course these aren't top quality so I'm sure I might here more of a static, or an overdrive, on higher end speakers or headphones. This is still just the demo so I'll definately work more on the final product! Thanks a bunch, man!

~Dylan ^_^


Hey man, i went to go listen to your techno song like you asked me. I like it man, whats unfinished about this song? Did you want to make it longer or something?

Loved the intro btw haha


This song is hot man. I always loved Fable, so its great to hear someone make this song in a techno song.

I always knew this song had a techno style to it. So i'm glad someone finally did. Good job man

Cosmos8942 responds:

Oh no, I did some research and found a techno version of this song that just blew me away. I can't even get close to it in Tech. music. So I am going to flow into a different version...hopefully it will pay off.


Thanks for the good job...its appreciated.


Oh garwsh, please dont kill meh! :O

Lol, i thought this was totally cool man. Submit a longer version of it, it was pretty awesome.

interesting version

Hmm nice job man. I really liked how smooth the sound was. But i gotta say, that symbol was kinda too loud.

darthmarus responds:

hmm...... it kinda is isn't it....

not bad

Pretty cool, i dont think i've ever heard a style like this on newgrounds.

Ch3ck3rB0ard responds:

i knida have my own style but thanks for the review

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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