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Was great! I am really pleased with this games soundtrack.

However, i felt the soundtrack for Larry and the Gnomes should have received a more bombastic and fun approach. Your scores matched well with all the parts of the game, but i still wanted to feel more bouncy, since the game seemed to play more of your epic music constantly through the game. It needed to hear much more of 0:00 and 0:53.

So i really suggest keeping it fun, bouncy, epic, and bombastic all at the same time, and you will sustain a really great soundtrack for this game! :D

Btw 1:23 is your most original and creative score so far. Make it great on the CD!


DavidOrr responds:

Hey Jamal, great to see a review from you :). For the most part, I agree with what you've said. I think Larry and the Gnomes could have been bouncier in places and worked very well, but I'm happy with these results. I tried to create a sense of progression through the levels from light + fluffy to hard-hitting and bombastic. The game's difficulty increases each stage, as do the aggression of the gnomes and the ferocity of their weapons. I feel like the turning point in the game is at the start of the second boss, and I tried to communicate that through the soundtrack. Up until that point the gnomes don't present much of a challenge, but it becomes clear they shouldn't be messed with once you enter the forest!

So far the music on the CD has turned out really well. I've still got a lot to do, but I've done a lot of mastering to the tracks to give them a more polished sound compared to what's heard here.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and for your support!

Not bad

Not bad, but its a remix, which is usually never my interest sadly. However I can tell you did an amazing job remixing it.

so 7/10 because its a remix, i know, im biased.

Box-Killa responds:

Yeah it is a remix :D But it sounds good :D Lol bias much yeah

pretty cool

I can tell you can play, but it seems the bagpipes are a bit...well...off tune completely.

Oh well, good job.

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

I mainly noticed the offtune in the drones, and I tried my best to get them in tune, but the best I would get was around 15 cents from it being the right tuning. And the bagpipe reed could be off tune, but I found that where the reed is is one of the only places I could have it without one note or another sounding scratchy.
Thanks for the review!


Im really starting to get a feel for this game. Very ominous sound, with a bit of orchestration, so im guessing this is a science fiction game, for sure, but theres a taste of something that existed before, that is in something new.

Very clever rucklo.

Rucklo responds:

well, it's a fictional game, at least. OR MAYBE IT'S NOT!!! :O:O:O

you're actually right in a way... but you'll see :)

cheers for the reviews man!

I like this

I have not played the game yet, but i feel as if i can get a sense of the mood of the game through the music.

The song had a pretty catchy ass tune :D

Nice job.

Rucklo responds:

Thanks man! Yeah the game is gonna be kickass, trust me! It will be launched wednesday, if all goes according to the schedual at least. :)

http://www.newgrounds.com/upcoming.ht ml


I wanted to thank you for adding me to your favorite artists, by listening and reviewing one of your songs.

This song was quite incredible, I had it playing for a couple minutes now. However there are some things that kind of bugged me about this song.
Theres a part between 0:57 to the rest of the song, where the notes sound out of key. I can tell what you were trying to get at, and you were close, but not quite.

Other than that great song 9/10.

Randomizor responds:

I'm trying to figure out what sounds out of key.....

I'll figure it out eventually lol

Anyways thanks for the review.

Amazing but....

This song in a way was a bit disappointing, because I wanted to hear so much more.

I played additional parts of it, because I just couldnt handle it lol. This song is too good to go to waste.

Please, make it a full song.


Arbiter responds:

I was actually going to make it into a full song, but I really didn't know where to take it further.

Thanks for the comment :)


This used to be my all time favorite tune when i was a kid. Funny thing is, i am actually working on my own Pirate game that is sort of similar to Monkey Island.

I cant help buy 5 this lol.

Charmanzer responds:

it's my top 5 no doubt :P aah cool, if you need some original music to it you can pm me =) thanks for the high five ;D

Love it.

Damn this is incredible. Even though this song lacks a tune, the drum and Bass is so incredible, i could listen to this for hours.

great job 10/10

Rig responds:

And that's what Drum & Bass is all about. :D


Hey! I stumbled across your music on the Audio Forum, so i felt like reviewing on your most popular song.

Firstly, this song is really fun and relaxing to listen to. I truly enjoyed it, and i liked the choir in the middle.

Everything flowed together, and after hearing the fun and quick flute, I decided to make my own quick flute song.

So great job honestly, may i ask which software you are using?

blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks for stopping by!

My DAW is FL Studio, and if you check out my newspost, you'll get a listing of almost everything I use right now, as well as links where you can find this stuff.

When I get the chance, I'm gonna go check out that song you mentioned.

Once again, thanks for reviewing, and glad you enjoyed it!

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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