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Haha, this was awesome. I could tell that you were using Logic pro 8. Good software :D

For what game is this for? Or just non in particular? Also you might want to lower down the symbol that hits in the beginning. Its a little too loud. Other than that though, i would say this was well done.

If you have time as well, can you check out some of my songs?

+BT+ Btriangle

My name is timmy!

Lol, this was hilarious. Your voices were really well done man, 10/10

If i got to the sun... i might die.... just sayin.

Yay! I love this song man. It reminds me of good times with my family and stuff. You should deffinatally work on this song more man. Please upload a full version, it was sounding great, the melody is just so awesome. :D

If you have time, can you check out some of my work? It would be greatly appreciated


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i can see it flying

Wow, this song was really impressive. The piano was played simply, but beautifully. The entire time while listening to this song, i could literally see the scene of the meteor flying through space in my head. It is very uncommon for this to happen to me here on newgrounds, and for that i give you 10/10.

You will do great man! And if you have time, can you check out some of my songs?

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Wow loving this man. The drum samples are awesome, and tension is incredible. I can totally imagine this as like the main bad guys theme lol.

Great job once more bosa.


+BT+ Btriangle

Bosa responds:

Thanks buddy, I hope you check out more of my stuff in the near future.


Surprisingly, i actually enjoyed this. However, its really loud. There was something about it that made me like this, so i voted 5! :D

Thats all


+BT+ Btriangle

Xtremheadblo responds:

Thanks, I guess I just really like loud music >.>

Good, but needs way more work

Not bad. There is a lot of mistakes, but i can hear the beauty in the song underneath it all.

Firstly, your voice isn't bad, its just on the left side of my ear and its killing me!!! What you need to do is make another audio track, copy the audio of you singing, and than pan that to the right. That will help a lot.

The guitar was not bad, but it seemed out of tune, and no offense, but it didn't sound like the best guitar ever. But thats ok, I can tell a lot of this was Audio recorded.

Nice attempt, if you had it better recordings, it would be better.

Alright thats all i wanted to say. Hopefully you can review some of my stuff?


+BT+ Btriangle

killkhan responds:

I didn't notice the left side thing until after you said that. I'm gonna fix that.

Thanks for the review.


I like this song, but i believe you should trade the part at 0:44 with 0:24, and keep it throughout the song. The song was done well, and was mixed pretty well too i can hear. However there are a couple of things that could be changed.

Anyways, great job 10/10.

+BT+ Btriangle

cool, im gonna go fly now

Hey buddy logic pro user! When are we going to do something fun?? I have a speed racer kind of song, wanna do it??

Also this is pretty cool, not bad. Has a fun tune to it. Im gonna go fly now.


Not bad man. I fived this.

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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