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nice and sweet

Pretty cool man, I'm not really into Punk rock, but i enjoyed it. Keep up the good work man.

Ch3ck3rB0ard responds:

thank you sir =) this is my fave out of all my songs

very nice loop, and pretty

Liked it a lot, reminds me a bit of the stuff i like to write. The loop is almost perfect, so grats on that man. I can imagine this going in a scene where a murder was just happened, or something depressing.

Also, check out some of my songs? I have one in the portal right now called "Washed away.."


I love music like this. True beauty in it, make more man.

Winterwind-NS responds:

working on that full version as we speak


First of all, i'd like to say, that the concept behind this, is very cool, but you didnt capture it exactly.

First of all, even though you are doing 8-bit, Gerudo Valley has a kind of gracefulness that you don't really want to take away from the song. Which is exactly what you did several times.

Good concept though...


This loop is beautiful, but all i can say is fix the woodwind instrument, its too noisy. Lower it down, and put in a new one. Other than that, this loop is great

Bosa responds:

Yeah, I just realized that it is too high pitched. I will make another version of this track that will be used in the game. This will more than likely end up as an "alternate version."

not bad

Sounds similar to my own song, and Surface. But what can i say, you rendered it better than either of us (especially me lol)

Nice job otherwise.

all sounds similar

You're very good, but it seems that you like to do the same thing over and over again.

The beat seems to be exactly the same in most of your songs. You also have talking in the beginning of your songs such as Parralax reloaded, Turrican, Warcraft, Chryogenic children, and Halflife.

I really enjoy all your songs, but i just want to see you do something a little different. Keep up the good working.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks man :) Yes, I've kind of been experimenting a little with what you would call "commercial" builds, just to see what came of it. I actually like the results, but as you say - time to try something new. And I will - or I am actually. I'll stay within the same genre, as I like it, but time to use the brain in a different way. Appreciate the review mate c",)

hey thats really pretty

That wasn't too bad actually. I'll vote 5 on that :P

I see a lot coming for you in the near future

ArienV responds:

Oh thanks. Yeah i love doing stuff like this but its so damn time consuming!

2big4U is a dumb ass

seriously wtf? that was probably the most random review ever.

Anyways, this song is pretty original. Your voice isnt bad, i kinda enjoyed it actually.

Ginchy responds:

yeah, I know that review was random and pretty bitchy. I think he meant to review some game, but accidentally review my song. Thanks for listening yo!


You guys are great players, but not song writers. Look for someone who can write.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

No thanks. This is written just fine, thank you. Luckily, metal doesn not need a "ton" of structure and or theory. However, I did structure this somewhat more than required, for metal. If that is what you are talking about. I do have some knowledge when it comes to song writing and composition. I choose NOT to use it, as then it would become more work. No longer would it be fun. I do not have pipe dreams to becoming some sort of famous "anything to do with music"...as I am nestled quite nicely, in my career. Sounds like you need to lay back and have a little more FUN.

Thank you for your in depth review. :D

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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