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this is some sweet shit. just fix the recording and make some better clarity and it will sound awesome.

Momo-the-Monkey responds:

wait, fix the recording? What the crap are you talking about? lol. Thanks for the high rating though. Hope you enjoyed it. It's perfectly clear of all fuzzyness and junk for me, so maybe it's your speakers...w/e


all your music sounds the same, i hate it when artists who suck at something get good credit and the ones with real talant dont.

very good

the notes was not like the song by likin park in anyway! but thats not wat matters, the song was great. it was funny, and the music was great.

kingj4life3 responds:

hey man thanx alot there will be more...


why adore someone you are better than?

MaestroSorrow responds:

Dan's music inspires me greatly, I absolutely adore his melodic work. I consider ourselves equal in skill. Thank you for the review ^^.

not bad

this is classical rock, not Drum n Bass!

but the song is good other than the stupid other pointless thigns u put in there.

red-animal responds:

Ok thanks. I didnt know it was classical rock. But one thing: i didnt catch u when u typed this:"stupid other pointless thigns u put in there." Wtf? i just tried too put some sort of intro into the song.


i dont understand why people put on crappy music and movies like this on newgrounds. im sorry man but your not very good. i can see your trying atleast!

mechanoid-9 responds:

I said FIRST ATTEMPT, i downloaded fl 6 demo yesterday, and the demo doesn't let me save the work, only export so I have to do the whole thing at once. I could and will do better when I explore fl6 a lil bit more. Yet thx for da review, now I know I'll have to make it better.


no no, dont listen to him!

if u really want to do music AND STOP STEALING use sonar home studio. its like $100 and its excellent! just get a keyboard and make it easier on yourself, i suggest maybe a controller like a MO8! if u cant play the keyboard than u cant make music :D

rioross responds:

for the last time this is not stolen.
ill just sum it up for you to get it through you thick skull.
my time and effort.
my song.
your a fucking idiot for thinking different.
simple enough?

u are terrbile

u suck at music! dont try it u fagit!!!

rioross responds:

i can say the same for you.


your a fucking fraud! you just used punked which is bull shit! dont ever do that again you fake! not only did this song suck sas, but it was stolen AND you didnt even play it! get a life man, and stop swasting peoples times by showing them songs from an online game.

rioross responds:

are you mentaly ok? there is no reason to blast at me like that. i just a song, a song that may sound like something else, but indeed a song i took time and efort to make.
if you have any fuck-tard complaints, feel free to bitch at me through the newground post messaging.

do ur own music

you can play andarrange very well just like the guy before me, but there are many "the whole point" problems that u need to fix!

first off, remember that this is supposed to be in peoples flash, the file is just way to big

secondly try writing your won music, i cna't tell you how many times people done smb or any nintendo song as a remix!

PLEase do your own music :)

but over all it was good

mrslippyfist1 responds:

Yeah of course you're right. Just practicing for when I come up with that perfect hook.

Pirates of the Caribbean...good stuff :D .

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