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New mac-Game info-And Birthdays!!!

Posted by btriangle - June 11th, 2009

Well, i have to say yesterday was quite a great day. The summer has only gotten better over the past couple of days, and i dont doubt it will keep doing so :P

To start with, I got a new mac. And not just any mac.. Im talking about the a Quad-Core... 2 x 2.26 GHz...6Gb of ram... and 1TB of hard drive space. Dont forget though, i haven't even put this baby to its full capacity yet. It could have 4TB, and 32gb of ram. Not to mention an even better Graphic's Card i currently have. Im thinking of naming it.. any ideas??

But anyway, if you want to check it out link over here ---
Special thanks to my dad who bought it for me, which i will be paying half of, slowly over time. But we are both going to be using it..so... yeah :P

Also, the game has been going well. We will be updating soon to provide you with some more pictures, but right now its still kind of rough. We have the character animations, but we are missing the coloring of the background. But soon you will be able to check it out :D

And lastly, i want to say happy birthday to my dad, who had his birthday yesterday. It was a great day, and we had a lot of fun. Be sure to check out his website btw, at www.corriegraphics.com.

Well thats all i wanted to tell you guys today. I will be uploading more songs soon. Be sure to check out my website (Jamalcorrie.com) Soon for i will be updating it this weekend, with more stuff. I will be sure to make a post to remind you all.

Talk to you guys later,


New mac-Game info-And Birthdays!!!

Comments (3)

Call it Hal 9000. It has so much power. Eventually it's gonna take over.

Haha, good name. However i did think of Chuck Norris... :3

Sweet setup!

My studio is... um... not impressive. It's an HP Pavilion Desktop, AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core (4 x 2.2GHz), 640GB hard-drive, 6GB RAM. Oh... and it's situated in MY BASEMENT >.<

I don't have a fancy midi keyboard, or a fancy bass speaker, or a shiny computer case. Or a fancy widescreen monitor. (I got my parent's old monitor... 17" DX At least its flatscreen... kind of...)

Your computer isn't bad actually. 4 x 2.2GHz is half of what i have. And the Hard-drive space is good, as well as the ram.

This was gathered over the course of 3 years though, but now im pretty much done. All i could possibly do my setup is add more ram, more hard-drive space, more monitors, and better speakers (mine suck).

Oh, I forgot to mention... I don't have a comfy awesome looking swively office chair either. I have some old thing from Ikea lol

Yeah, but dont be fooled man. However comfy this chair may look, its terrible to play with the keyboard.

Also, just today i received Symphonic Orchestra, Choirs, RA, and Storm Drum 2. The software is unbelievably amazing man.